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The University of Port Said University is proud of the importance of self-employment through small and medium-sized enterprises, which Port Said University attaches great importance to by encouraging its youth and graduates to participate in this experiment. Small under the slogan (own your small project)

The conference started with verses from the Holy Quran, followed by presentation of the objectives and themes of the conference and its importance to the youth of the university and its graduates from Prof. Dr. Weyam Osman, the undersecretary of the Faculty of Commerce for Community Service and Environmental Development, and the conference director and director of the Center for Innovation and Innovation in Entrepreneurship at Port Said University. In their words on

The importance of the free work of the youth to achieve a dream for the future after qualifying with the knowledge, skills and training courses offered by the State to the youth now in each site and provide him with funding and the idea and marketing followed by Mr. Dr Shams El-Din Mohamed Shaheen, President of the University of Port Said speech welcomed the guests of the Conference and expressed at the beginning of his speech We are all proud that Port Said Governorate is one of the first governorates in the digital transformation through which it will facilitate the procedures of our children's access to services and loans for small and medium enterprises through a simple and easy digital system for the young man to get the loan for the project he wants